Next generation support services for small-medium business

LivePC Support is a scalable IT support platform that allows businesses to outsource tier 1 support for customers and employees to Comodo's Microsoft certified tech support specialists.

Available in a range of cost-effective packages, LivePC Support improves B2C relationships, reduces strain on in-house IT departments and cuts long term support costs for any business.

Why switch to LivePC Support?

LivePC support helps your company deliver the world class support your products need to compete in today's marketplace. After a simple enrollment and setup procedure, all tier 1 support requests will be routed through our team of highly trained support technicians - reducing support cost overheads; improving IT efficiency and allowing your employees to concentrate on core business interests. Protect your endpoints using EDR security software.


  • Improve quality of
    support operations
  • Simple to deploy
    and manage
  • Track activity through
    management tools
  • Expert support
    available 24/7
  • Reduce demands
    on IT staff
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